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South West Breeders Association

Early in December 2006 representatives from several south west based bird society’s got together to discuss the problems of bird breeders passing on excess birds and being able to obtain new stock.  It was a very good meeting, with a lot of enthusiasm  resulting in the formation of the SOUTH WEST BREEDERS ASSOCIATION.  The societies participating are

Bristol Budgerigar Society
Bristol Cage Bird Society
Severn Counties Foreign & British Bird Society.
Cinderford & District Cage Bird Society

The purpose of the formation of the South West Breeders Association was to stage a ‘Sales Day’.  This means that breeders can pass on their excess stock, buyers know  they are purchasing from  a reputable source and can be informed of the breeding history of the birds together with the correct care of the birds.  It  also enables a better price for stock for both the seller & the buyer.

The next event will be held on the  DUE TO LACK OF INTEREST THIS EVENT WILL NOT BE               STAGED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE  
The Methodist Hall, Down Road, Winterbourne Down, Bristol. BS36 1BN

Birds will be accepted for staging between 9 am  and 9.45 am on the day and opened for sales at 9.45 am.
NO birds will be sold prior to this time  and sales in the car park will not be allowed, all birds for sale or collection must be brought into the hall.

No entrance charge but all sellers must be a member of one of the participating societies prior to the event. Buyers must be a member of  a society, if  not, may join one of the participating societies on the day.  Both Buyers & Sellers must be able to offer proof  of  membership on entrance.

Refreshments will be available

Care sheets will be available for all species on sale.

Other bird related items may be entered for sale.
Sellers will ensure they have carrying boxes available in case any purchaser comes unprepared and will be present at the table to give information to the buyer.

All birds offered for sale will be checked on entry and the South West Breeder Association will refuse entrance of any bird or cage not meeting the required high standards.

The participating societies of the South West Breeders Association feel that if we are to safeguard our hobby for the future we need to work together and this event is the start of the way forward.

Contact  us for more information.